Gavin O'Neill

Gavin O'Neill: ECNL to MLS NEXT



Gavin O'Neil

Name: Gavin O'Neill

Birth Year: 2002

Current Team: '02/'03 Boys MLS NEXT 

Starting Team: 2002 Boys ECNL

Years with Club: 4

Position: Midfield

Fun Fact About Gavin: Gavin is going to Rowan College next year. Gavin's dad also played for the same school and won a national championship while there!  

What Do You Like About DELCO: I really like the family aspect of our club. These past two years, FC DELCO has become a second family to me. My team is close. We are not only there to win games, but we are all there for each other too. I really love my coaches, as well. They have helped us become the best we can be. Every day they push us to be better. 

I also like DELCO because they give you a lot of recruiting tools. You as a player take ownership of your recruiting process, but the club and coaches support you along the way. 

How Did the DELCO Pathway Prepare You For MLS NEXT? I played with Coach Ptah last year, and I was on the younger side. Because of that, I was smaller than some of the other older players on the team. Everyone was bigger, faster, stronger. Coach Ptah pushed me to be physical -- and that really prepared me to move up to MLS this year. 

 What Advice Would You Give Younger Players:  Always work on your craft. Every player has something that he/she is good at. Figure out what you are really good at, and hone in on that -- because that's what makes you the player you are! 

(note: we call that a player's "secret weapon!")


"I have had a really good experience at DELCO these past four years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else!" -- Gavin O'Neill


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