FC DELCO Pre Academy Conshohocken

FC DELCO Pre-Academy Conshohocken

FC DELCO Pre-Academy teams offer an elite level of play that inspires players to grow as individuals and as soccer players. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • One full year membership/commitment with FC DELCO starting in June of 2024 and ending in May or early June of 2025
  • Detailed training curriculum designed for each age group/level
  • Professional, paid coaches trained to inspire, motivate, and connect with kids
  • First-class facilities, which reduce weather-related cancellations
  • U9-12: Training two times per week in the fall, winter, and spring, plus fall and spring leagues (APL/Acela, EDP. Central League); winter indoor league 
  • U13-U14: Training twice a week in the fall, winter, and spring; fall, winter and spring leagues (APL/Acela, EDP. Central League)
  • U15+: Training twice a week in late fall, winter and spring, and league play that accommodates for high school play
  • U15 ONLY: a trapped player program for 8th grader
  • Compete in state cups
  • 5-6 tournaments per year
  • Goalkeeper-specific training in Conshohocken in addition to team training
  • Customized Individual Development Plans (IDPs)



Conshy Pre-Academy Leadership

Conshohocken Pre-Academy Leadership



Pre Academy Facilities - Conshy

Conshohocken Pre-Academy Facilities

We're proud to play at The Proving Grounds in Conshohocken, unquestionably the best-lighted turf facility in the region. The world-class facilities reduce weather-related cancellations ensuring consistency for our teams and players. Six days of the week you can see our teams either playing or training here. We also utilize satellite facilities too including YSC Sports and Steelyard Sports

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